The unique ideas about your home decoration


The easiest procedure to make our house look expensive is to use traditional décor. Traditional decor can include accent items and functional items for a collection of rooms from the kitchen to the bedroom. Classic and trendy, this stuff use straight and sweeping lines while still remaining simply and unobtrusive. Color or texture could be is the most important element in some decorating styles. In another way, it might be the geometry of the planning. Traditional decoration relies upon the commanding presence of finely crafted woodworking for its pedigree.

Some of the defining features of a traditional decor are:

• Beautiful leather, showing its age with scuffs and scratches
• Cut crystal vases, glasses, chandeliers
• Polished woods, sometimes with an aged patina
• Classic camel back sofa, wing back chairs
• Gilded frames
• Nubby silks, luxurious wool, velour or even a cotton chintz
• Damasks, tone-on-tone stripes, plaids, rich deep colors


Wall color may be neutral like beige, taupe, cream or gold, or the color may be deep red or olive green. Furnishing will be better if we use dark woods, like maple, cherry or mahogany. Draperies may be damask or brocade and have a floral or paisley print or be striped. The drapes may reach floor to ceiling and may be used for window framing only rather than be functional. Gold or black could also be used for accent pieces or as framework or mirror colors. If you have the room and enjoy reading, think about putting a bookshelf into place as well. Not only does this help fill some space if you’re out of ideas, it also gives off the impression of a family who enjoy spending quiet, yet quality, time together, perhaps discussing the latest book they are reading. At the end of the day, the choices are limitless – the only thing you need to remember when decorating your traditional living room is to express your own personality, as this can be where you will be spending most of your time when you are in home.


A four poster bed may sport a bed skirt that is plain or patterned and could be a typical gathered skirt or a tailored skirt. The neutral colored bedspread may be accented with one to three small pillows in a contrasting solid color or print. Matching side tables may drawers to serve for extra storage and every may hold a ceramic lamp with a painted floral design. Traditional wood furniture has an unbeatable charm, so using this type of furniture is suitable for those people that want class and elegance in their bed room. Traditional bedrooms are best decorated with jewel toned bed coverings with gold accents and luxurious high-thread count sateen bed linens, finished with a delicate hemstitch or fine lace trim.


White cabinets, solid black countertops, and white or stainless steel appliances set the mood in a traditional kitchen decorating theme. If there’s an island, its counter top may be a different color and material, like veined marble. Accessories during a traditional kitchen are minimal and should include recipe books, antique pieces sort of a lidded soup tureen, or an ornamental bowl of fruit. All small appliances, like can opener and mixer, are out of sight. Intricate moldings and corbels give the cabinets a high-end furniture look. The simple door details, rustic hardware and open shelves give this kitchen an updated Craftsman feel. Two-toned doors in burgundy and grey have the standard of individual furniture pieces, another feature of the humanities and Crafts period. Most of the French kitchens, similar to the Italian kitchens have one thing in common and that is the chopping table as a center piece of the kitchen. They feel that the chopping table if the most important part of the kitchen and hence it should be right in the center. The dining table with creative and elegant chairs is another important aspect when French people are design their kitchen furniture.


The table shape, which may be round, oval or rectangle, should suit the dimensions of the room, giving guests plenty of room to push their chair out without hitting the wall or other furniture. The chandelier may be brass or crystal. Add a dimmer switch for romantic, low-light dinners. An elegant area rug may be used. Wall colors may be a dark shade of red, green or brown. For classic dining room furniture you’ll want to stick with a set. The chairs should match the table and be in the same finish. The chairs should also match each other, although it’s acceptable to use the same chair with arms for the head and foot of the table. Look for matching china cabinet or buffet for a place to store and display dishes. You should layer accessories to add interest and opulence to an area. You can hang pictures on the wall and then lean more frames up against the pictures. You can still showcase your personality with the color palette, furniture style, and decorating accessories you choose. The classic style is enduring and will be relatable and liked by most of your guests. 


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